But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

In today’s society, it isn’t uncommon to see someone holding up their phone taking a picture of themselves. Maybe 10 years ago people might have thought you were looking at your reflection on your screen but now it is just an everyday occurrence. Social Media has made selfies it’s own way of expression for people, letting them choose when and where to take them. I have a tendency to avoid selfies because I feel that it is still out of my comfort zone, I would rather take a selfie with someone than without. But I do make exceptions if your taking a selfie with a beautiful background such as the beach or mountains. Often, when I see someone upload a selfie to social media like Instagram I assume that person is seeking attention or a way to gain confidence by the viewers reactions. Our generation has a tendency to revolve around social media so when someone uploads a selfie they are seeking approval by the number of likes or comments they receive. I agree with the article about men who take excessive amount of selfies because I believe that is a characteristic of becoming obsessive over oneself or self-objectification. If someone is willing to take a lot of selfies then they are not trying to hide their looks or personality they are trying to get other people to see them the way they do or better than they do. I believe woman can also have narcissistic tendencies because they too can often see themselves as having self absorbs qualities due to the fact that they rely on selfies to make others like them.


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